The facts are 5 times more accidents than historic average.
In total 12 documented cave diving fatality accidents, worldwide in
Australia, France, Ireland, Mexico, Turkey and USA.

  • Gas Mixtures wrong switches  is the main cause of fatalities
  • Gas PO2 management while employing New Technology. 
  • With 5 rebreathers involved, units been pSCR & CCR,
  • one case of Guideline navigation and
  • two with poor Gas Management.
  • 6 were “Exploration dives” mode.
  • Dives start as “team” in all cases except one Solo Divingand in two cases there was diving separation, one agreed previously.
  • One case of Medical Problems do poor fitness happen in surface after dive.


Conclusions : Proper procedures for gas switching need to be reviewed and reinforced in order to efficiently and safely performed multi gas diving,  full understanding of New available technology (RB technology), thorough knowledge on rules for gas management and guideline navigation were featured in this year Safety meeting, as a result of this year analysis.

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