AAP brought us new challenges with Accident fatalities rates going to the higest level ever, even 10 times more than historical average, with 21 fatalities in total of which 13 certified cave divers.

  • To notice that 8 of this “accidents” were “customers” under direct guidance of a paid “Cave/rn guide”, in most cases guide fail to survive, for a total of 7 in two dives.
  • This year accidents were involved fewer trained cave divers 
  • 85% happen on the cavern zone
  • in cave all RB units involved were CCR mostly electronic driven injection.
  • As well 12 were Solo Diving (55% of total count)
  • 7 been while been guided/Instructed  ( 40% of total count )
  • 2 teams of two one separation 
  • one double fatality while surveying.


Conclusions  :   Poor leadership skills combined  non efficient mentorship and Instructor training had rush Divers into Instructor/guides which are responsible for 40% of the fatalities this year. CCR injection after analysis is a delay in real PO2 readings, CCR units should mix only before analysis.


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