2014 review

The current year was an exceptional year for IDREO, our passion and approach to Exploration and Research has touch many divers. IDREO’s membership grew 8 times more compare to 2013, which can only translate as full on Exploration and Research projects worldwide.

This results demand training divers to become explorers in order to form exploration teams that can safely and efficiently explore and understand better their local environment, discover new possibilities and reach beyond.

IDREO’s training focus is building academic explorer knowledge.

In first quarter of 2014 “become a Safe and Efficient Dive Explorer” IDREO’s Online class been upgrade to 116 lectures and 12hr of content, this unique all inclusive reference manual includes all the information a diver will need to acquire explorer level knowledge and is one of the biggest assetts in IDREO’s training program; combined with a comprehensible Exploration Seminar and active project participation.

During the second and third quarters of 2014 IDREO training was conduct every month worldwide. Mainly in Europe, America and Asia, with developing projects in various locations, Our succesful and Innovative approach to Rebreather Training has definetely create a huge impact in the diving community, demand is huge even for divers outside exploration and research looking for the best techniques.
(IDREO’s RB training was done in all types of units efficiency and Mounts, such as CCR, pSCR, APSCR, front, side & back mount)

Cave Explorer Training was taught twice in 2014, which is no surprise as not all divers and explorers will reach this extreme high level of Exploration level, however Deep Explorer Training was by far the most busy for IDREO in 2014, which is great news as explorers crops will develop further in 2015 and projects will reach even further.

Contrary to training demand IDREO’s Instructor Explorer rating is limited to a max of 10 worldwide.

Last quarter of 2014 IDREO introduce the industry first eC-Card an electronic version of certification card, facebook page, @idreo twitter account and the #IDREOBLOG where IDREO news, projects reports can be followed.
Thanks for your support and let’s go Explore some more in 2015 !
Nick Toussaint
President IDREO

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